Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Exmouth Beach users do not fear!!

Now that the RNLI service has ended the lifeguards that are still patrolling still require a vehicle
The four-wheel drive capability of these quads allows quick response to incidents across the softest of sand and, with good manoeuvrability and all-round visibility, these can be used on the busiest of beaches. 

However good residents of Exmouth do not fear, The volunteer lifeguard club has provided an environmentally friendly option, Unlike the Petrol driven quad ours is powered by 
Exmouth Beefcake!!

The three wheeled steed, is a rear wheel chain driven beast with ample storage for necessities such as Rescue swim fins, Binoculars, a First aid kit and a Peterson tube.

It has been fitted with a bell and reflectors for use on the highways of the town.

The season is fast approaching its end

This weeks patrol was our last active patrol before the Surf lifesaving national national competitions at Tolcarne, 
Fortunately the raging south easterly winds bought a wave beside the jet ski area and a raging shore dump off of the spit!
These conditions allowed the club members vital hours practising new skills and honing age old ones in tricky conditions!

The racing boards and Racing ski ventured out and members used the gym for a last ditch effort for extra fitness!! 

It is also the weekend where we bid farewell to our members who were part of the RNLI service as that has ended until next year, however some will still be around tfor the remaining month as part of the volunteer patrols provided by the club!