Sunday, 26 February 2012

Devon Ocean Championships

Here are the regional dates for the Devon Ocean championships 2012;

Tuesday 26th June- Youth/Open beach events at Croyde Beach
Sunday 1st July - Youth/Open sea events at Croyde Beach (high tide 4:42pm)
Saturday 7th July - Nippers at Saunton Sands Beach (high tide 9:15am)
Sunday 22nd July - Masters at Croyde Beach (high tide 8:50am)

If any of you fancy continuing our attempts to outdo last years runner up spots let the seniors know

If you went down to Maer Rocks today

your sure of a blubbery surprise
this curious chap came to see what food and play was on offer he was sighted first at quarter past 10 and stayed up until the tide dropped and Maer rocks his likely food source was uncovered.

Performance of the weekend

This goes to Mike Edlin for extra effort in his performance in todays Taplin event, pushing those legs and lungs to the extreme

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Teas and Coffees provided for a small donation and if the sun shines a BBQ too!


Welcomes home a Waterman
courtesy of TAD, the finest purveyors of surfcraft as well as more at
the lochs and frigid waters of the Scottish coastline are now in danger as could be the Scandinavia as this travelling man continues to spread his seed.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen I present you Jim Hawkins

While this is still true Jim our resident Royal Marine who flits between Arbroath and our wonderful coast courtesy of a £800 beast of a Volvo, prior to his current illustrious military career

this man

was in fact a model, nothing sordid, in fact he brought joy to the hearts of children every where when he worked with the team responsible for
its taken some serious searching but quickly look back at his face and cast your eyes on this!

its magnificent!!