Friday, 28 September 2012

London Triathlon

Members Maff Richardson, Keith Hoppins, Vicky Gall, Kierron Dinsdale and Fin Cawthera attended this years event and here is a few of the highlights

preparing to depart
 anchoring the boat and returning to the regatta centre look at the glorious technique as Fin tries to save Kierron from drowning as he didn't wear his armbands.
preparing for boat collection the morning after
invites us to provide both boat cover 

and Pontoon Lifeguards

To assist the competitors in any way that may be required come rain

Or shine

Exmouth are always the social creatures

The event comprises some 11,000 competitors across the whole weekend
The event requires a lot of energy and can be quite exhausting

which unfortunately doesn't leave much conversation for Maff on the drive home

and be advised waking Kierron is unwise
Unless you consider this beautiful

Sunday, 23 September 2012

October Lifeguard Course


The club is housing an RLSS Lifeguard Course on the 15th - 19th October 

If you need to get your qualification updated or think your ready to join the Lifeguard Ranks let one of the seniors know, if you interested in taking the course form outside of the club, dont hesitate to get in touch with either Andy or Sarah at 

Hassling the Hoff EBRC style

David Hasselhoff kindly posed for photos with our members at this years London Triathlon, 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Train service advice

Offered by Finn and Kierron free of charge, admittedly virgins in this field but confident in their advice

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Three Legends Two Groms and Some old guy

It just so happens that this old guy was one of the forefathers of Surfing, the one and only Bing Copeland the creator of 
 visited North Devon for a weekend to promote a new film 'Boardroom' and showcase some of his beautiful surfboard creations with his head shaper Matt Calvani, a few of the club visited both the sand of Saunton and parked their bums in Croyde Village hall for the première screening.

The Hoppins Clan were out in force as were Team Tom to soak up 60 + years of surfing, lifeguarding and beach culture

Your Club

Courtesy of the shutter supremo Matt Round I Bring you your club at the close of the 2012 season

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Rotary Club Exmouth Walk or Ride

If yourselves or other family members are interested we have a number of sponsorship forms at the clubhouse.


we hold a Professional Position of responsibility and respect, don't let your standards slip

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Stay Vigilant

A Lifeguard Training Scenario could happen at any time

St Johns Ambulance

Tids and Ash recently hosted St Johns ambulance at the club, who bought some of their younger members to get an experience of the work of Beach Lifeguards.

 22 members of the Transition group completed their 2-day Young Life Savers Award.

Learning how to deal with drowning and injured casualties along  our coast lines, they strapped
each other to a spine board, practiced CPR and learnt how to apply a FracPack, using each other
as very willing models.
They then braved the wild weather out on the beach to learn new lifesaving games, learn how to dive under waves without being knocked over (so they know how to get to their casualties) and practice their new found skills!
They ended with a presentation where Alicia received the first ever Young Life Saver Awareness Award that Exmouth Lifeguard Station has ever presented, so well done to our Badgers and young Cadets for all their hard work and for braving the rain in their wetsuits!

Lifeguard Challenge

Teignmouth hosted the first round of this challenge for lifeguards we bought a few of ours across for the Craic

A short run, a swim, a board race, a ski race, the taplin and the crowd pleaser beach flags were all contested by Exmouth Teignmouth Dawlish Warren Torbay and the RNLI