Sunday, 17 October 2010

2010 Presentation

This years presentation was held at Withycombe Rugby club, A big thank you to the Bar Staff, Linden for the Catering and The boys Chris and Tom for Providing such a great performance for the Councillors the members and the friends and parents that came to support the club and the Evening!!

First we start with the surf competencies awarded by our chair Mr Ron Snowshall to the following

Megan Edlin

 Connor Ward
Hannah Carder

Followed by those that gained their Lifeguard Qualifications this year.

Sophie Waddell
 Little Tom Jones
 Big Keith Hoppins
Emily Kelly
 David 'Tids' Tidball
 Paul 'Jim' Hawkins
 Sarah Beresford
 Chris Clarke
 Felicity Elliott

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Rio de Janeiro, Notting Hill and New Orleans Mardi Gras are names synonymous in heading the word Carnival, well today was Exmouth's very own and The club marched the new shorter route 15 strong,

Tom and Jim the two pack horses took charge of the boat while the more attractive and cuter members of the club charmed the coppers off the very generous individuals who came out to watch the spectacle!

A masssive thank you to the public for their donations, we in no doubt will be set to spend the next few training nights finding pennies and more dotted around the boats hull and flooring, as well as attempting to count the potential copper mountains!

Next year competition kit only

Snowy the Waterman

Armed with a weight belt some fins a speargun and a snorkel, Snowy took to the area of Maer rocks on this sunny training morning, looking for some of Exmouth's finned edibles for that evenings tea!!
Using a keen eye a true shot and athletic lungs 8 Wrasse and 3 plaice fell by this Hunters hand.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

National Championships Results!!

 This year’s National championships drew members Tom Merson, Jonny Hawkins, Felicity Elliott, Little Tom Jones, Robert Keywood, Georgia Slatter and Sophie Waddell, We shipped out Friday afternoon in BK’s Truck and Tom’s Van heading for Newquay to crash out in the biggest tent known to man at Hendra holiday park!

The club had some great performances courtesy of Jonny and Flic in the surf swims

Sophie Waddell who qualified for the sprint final in her first competitive outing since becoming a lifeguard

Jonny Hawkins in the Beach flags

The boys were all competitive in the Board Race

Little Tom in his first ever outing in surf on the surf ski following two hours flat water training the Tuesday before the champs!! And yes he powered out back no issues!!

Tom the overall winner of the race was backed up with strength from Little Tom and Rob Keywood in the men’s 2k run. Felicity once again medalled in the girls 2k race.