Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Beach Clean

For those who were aware or chose to trust the Poster and not the Journals Epic misprint, the clubhouse on Sunday the 25th at 11 was visited by 40 volunteers to aid both Exmouth Beach rescue and Surfers against sewage in keeping our seafront clean.
here are a few pics from that legend behind the lens Matt Round (http://www.facebook.com/MattRoundPhotography) and our man Ash

 AS you can see lots was collected across the few hours which was a superb effort by the volunteers who were powered by Coffee and Keith's BBQ skills.

 Hazards such as this, as well as broken glass and bottles were removed from the sand with the soul intention of keeping the sand safe.

what a LUSH man sporting a very fitting tattoo!

 Many thanks to the team at Exmouth town council for providing the bags and grabbers and surfers against sewage and there support package. roll on our next one and if your interested and the paper is on our side hopefully the numbers will be even greater.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Abbie Gall

The youngest of the Gall sisters

is attempting her driving test this thursday, the club wishes to say

Now Now children are you sitting comfortably

Then Tids will begin

 SLSGB taking note of the true volunteers years of real patrolling surf lifesaving club experience

SS2 surf competencies

In order to keep our juniors working towards their ultimate goal of becoming a lifeguard, the club devised an exam for those under the age of 16 which best prepares them for their lifeguard exam as it contains the majority of the lifeguard syllabus with a little less first aid details, and a slightly slower swim time which takes place in open water as well as there board and ski abilities.

half the group that undertook the exam this time were from L-R Emily Snowshall, Will Boud and Nyall Slatter,
Well done guys great effort

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Happy birthday Mr BK

For those who were unaware the tallest member in the Hoppins household became a year wiser today.
So to you Mr BK we wish you a very happy day!
Hip hip ....
Hip hip ....
Hip hip ....
For all those who yelled hooray at their computer screens or phones give yourself a pat on the back you legends

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Looking for new ways to exercise

That's not your usual, something you can mention to your friends in the pub that they couldn't even dream of doing on a early Saturday morning this time of year.

It gives you the best core workout, puts you places you cant always access and you see some of the most beautiful sights in the area.

So cash in your gym membership and come play

The presentation do

It was a great evening and very well attended , the sailing club was a perfect place to house our beautiful bunch and we did what we could to consume all of Snowy's lovingly created jacket potatoes
 Taking home Best Junior was Will Boud
This years Most Improved was Niall Slatter 
 Mr BK that stalwart hero amongst men took away Best Senior

 Nigel Snowshall battled a heavy Surf ski race days after his Vasectomy to take home the Competition Award
 Tids clinched the Captains Cup
 With Miss Vicky Gall claiming the Presidents Plate

This time a special hand crafted trophy was presented, the WTF - Wildlife to Find award 
 Courtesy of her refusal to acknowledge that she had not seen a PENGUIN off Maer rocks this went to Megan Edlin

The following pictures contained the usual Lifeguard award certificates folloowed by our Mascot Rosie Tidball's special gift courtesy of all her hardworking cuteness

This was all documented in his textbook style by established young artist Jack Tidball who despite his youthful looks holds the Regione Lazio Award (Torino), the Turner Prize,  the Special International Award (Los Angeles). As well as the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award (Florence) and the the honorary title "Magister Artium Gandensis" by University College Ghent. we will look for this in the Tate Modern.

a few pics from the Xmas swim

For those who may have forgotten

Just how beautiful this manboy is
Kierron Dinsdale