Saturday, 30 June 2012

Devon champ highlights

Here's an early view of some of the pics from Tuesdays beach events

Club rash vests available

Below you will find the club members rash guard for wearing at your leisure and for those unqualified on patrols.

This rash vest is to be worn by the Lifeguards on their patrols 

The club furthers its green credentials

This manboy promoted the clubs green credentials by travelling a length of the seafront on his trusty steed.  

comments from kind motorists highlighted the lack of a number plate and the fact his rear brakelight was damaged

 Taking this on board our manboy maturely checked his blindspot and motioned to pullover

 showing his intention with a courteous indication 

 he used one last push to bump it up the curb where our mechanics could attend to the vehicle

New Competition Tee

If interested let the club know and we can get an order sorted!!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

3 Boys a girl and a boat

Blenheim Triathlon 2012 was visited by four members of the club to provide both boat safety cover and Pontoon lifeguards
Swimmers prepare to start a race during the GE Blenheim Triathlon at Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, England. Getty.

The Palace grounds played host to our accommodation that varied from vehicles as well as tents from all manufacturers inclusive of Tesco and one particular hardy sole who braved the night-long gales and a very heavy dew in nothing but a sleeping bag beside his truck.
This olive green quilted panini contained the small blonde balding individual Mr Snowshall,
When you have to be up and ready for the days activities at just after 5am getting someone to let you in at 2 in the morning following the King's head of Woodstock's kind hospitality proved tricky

Last Coaching Session

Friday, 8 June 2012

In a little over 13 hours from this being posted

Your club will provide safety cover and first aid to the thousands of competitors and spectators attending the beautiful grounds for the event courtesy of

Have you been training hard enough? hows your technique?

Saves the day

Devon Champs Info





High tide; Tues 26th June 23:32pm 8.1m
High tide; Sat 7th July 9:18am 9.0m

~        REFEREES:
Sandy Brown, Don Duffield and Joe Deasy

Jed Hulme
Richard Harrison

All competitors must be registered individually with SLSA GB and be part of a club for 2012.
Clubs must be affiliated to Surf Life Saving Devon.
All Competitors must have valid competency awards for the ocean events.

Competition on Tues 26th June will start prompt at 6:00pm at Down End of Croyde Beach.
Car parking is available at Down End Croyde by the beach at a small fee.
Registration for late entries will be accepted on Tues 26th June from 5-5:30 pm; and on Saturday 7 July from 8:30-9am
Please make sure you are aware of the age groups.
For those competitors that are 16-19 yrs you may enter both the Youth and Open events. There will separate events on the beach for each age group as well as the Open, however, in the sea we will run all those 16+ with the open competitors in one event and then separate the age groups as they come across
the line. If a competitor wishes to take part as both a Youth 16-19 and the Open then both payments will need to be paid and the age group and open written on their hands.

1k Beach unlimited; 13yrs, (14- 15yrs), (16-17yrs), (18-19yrs) Open (16+)
Beach Flags;  13yrs, (14- 15yrs), (16-17yrs), (18-19yrs) Open (16+)
Beach Sprints;  13yrs, (14- 15yrs), (16-17yrs), (18-19yrs) Open (16+)
Mixed Beach Sprints; (2x Boys 2 x Girls) U14, U16, U19, ) 16+
    In all pair & Team events a competitor can compete up 1 age group but can only compete in 1 pair & 1 team per event

~        RULES for TEAM EVENTS
Entries for Double/Mixed Ski is three pairs per age group; U16, U19, Open
Entries for Board Rescue event is three pairs per age group; U14, U16, U19, Open
Entries for Board and Taplin relay is three teams per age group; U14, U16,U19, Open
Entries for Rescue Tube is three teams per age group; U14, U16, U19, Open
No U13yrs will be permitted to ski paddle in any of the above events.
    In all pair & Team events a competitor can compete up 1 age group but can only compete in 1 pair & 1 team per event

Clubs must ensure that they have sufficient equipment and craft for their entered competitors.
Events will not be held up awaiting craft retrieval and petersen tubes from finishing areas.
SLS Devon will not be liable for any equipment lost or damage.

       The attached excel form with competitors’ details, must be return via email. 
By 19th June
£12.00 entry fees per person.
£17.00 entry fee on the day before competition starts.
In the event of a competitor not attending, the entry will not be transferable and  NO REFUNDS.
       One Cheque per club made out to ‘ Surf Life Saving  Devon‘ to be sent to Joe Deasy, 80 Newport Road,
         Barnstaple  EX32 9BE to arrive no later than 19 June 2012

Club caps are to be worn in all events, including craft events where a helmet is not worn.
Caps must be tied securely under the chin and worn on the head at the start of each event.
Suitable clothing must be worn for all events. No jewellery.

Medals awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd places in each age category.
Youth Opportunity Fund Swim trophies;  13yrs, 14yrs, 15yrs, 16yrs, Open.
Ironman Trophies;  U16yrs, U19yrs, Open.  
All youth and open trophies must be returned on the day of the competition in a clean state. 
      16yrs and under will score towards the youth total.
      17yr+ will score towards the open total.

~        . OFFICIALS
In order to facilitate the running of these Championships, each participating club
Clubs must supply at least five named persons to act as Officials and help set up events for the duration
       of the competition . One of these officials will be required to assist with recording results.
If a club fails to supply these nominated officials, its competitors will not be permitted to participate until such time as officials are supplied. 
Team Manager must be named on the entry form.Team managers must ensure a first aider and CRB accredited person accompanies the team.
Officials can be rotated during the day.
Official bibs will be issued to all helpers.

~        CONSENT
Clubs must be in possession of parental consent forms for U18 year old.

Saturday 7th July registration 8:30am.  9:00am Start!

~         INFORMATION;
Saunton Sands Beach will be the backup venue
       Order of events will be emailed out nearer the time.

Please can all participating club fill in the attached Xcel doc and return to me by Tues 19 June

See you soon
Joe Deasy
Devon SLS Devon sports committee


~       SURF LIFE SAVING DEVON                                                  Surf Life Saving GB is a registered charity number 1015668                                            Registered charity 1031786)