Friday, 22 July 2011


With the BBQ supplied By BK and the food was being devoured at an alarming rate
Music was supplied by Fin and a cameo appearance by Meg

when all sausages and burgers have been consumed, the chocolate and crisps despatched Snowy hatched a plan
lets see how flexible we are and pick up a piece of card with your mouth from the floor!
this was met with fear and utter confusion from Connor
and it is this that bought us on to the events conclusion.
Georgia, Flic, Jen and Snowy were the only ones elastic enough to take on the challenge
 with Georgia taking top honours with a 50p pickup, while the others settled with the card

there was much celebration during the event once the jeans came off
and nigel realised his full potential

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Celtic Cup Selection duo


Courtesy of their efforts at the Devon Championships

Tom Merson and Sophie Waddell Have made the Devon team for the international event held at Aberavon in Wales to take on teams from Wales Scotland Ireland Cornwall and France.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Devon Champs Ocean Events

Now its time for that old faithful the Surf Swim

Two Bronzes keep the medal tally creeping up

And now the Board Paddle Featuring young Kierron Dinsdale debuting in the 15 year olds in 8th position

With Connor (15th) and Fin (13th) in the 16-17 year old age groups

And Tom Merson Claiming Silver in the Open Males

Now to the Ski and our sole entrant taking on Competitors almost half his age in building swells Young Nigel Snowshall battled on for a bronze!

 resulting in this

In the Double Ski following 30 minutes of successful first time practising

 Fin and Connor took to the craft superbly to get 5th Place

In the Board Rescue the teams were beaten back to 5th for Fin and Kierron and 6th for Tom and Connor

all of this effort resulted in a runner up spot overall for the club