Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Another Year, Another set of Beach Events.

A Year on and the Devon's have once again come around! Tuesday the 28th saw the beach events being contested at Croyde!
The first event of the day was the 1k beach run, normally a 2k run but the guys I'm sure were content with the shorter distance.
In the 15 year old boys event we claimed the first of our medal hall with Kierron Dinsdale and his silver medal effort.
The Event then proceeded with Connor Ward who claimed another Silver medal with a 200m sprint to bump himself up from fifth and Fin Cawthera in the 16-17 year age groups
 Here are the three boys looking exceptionally dapper post event.
the next Medal haul was Courtesy of Tom Merson

 and Maff Richardson who claimed the Gold and Silver in the Event.
Next up were the girls who knew that the event wasnt necessarily their fortay but turned out immaculate performances.

The event to follow this was the Sprint

two dominating performances in the heat and Final saw another medal and gold for Kierron Dinsdale
 a great dip for Connor to claim another medal and a strong performance by Fin ensured his medal fetish was quenched .
In the girls event Emily Kelly, Megan Edlin and Georgia Slatter ran well in the hotly contested 16-17 years age group with more to add to our medal tally.

 the 18-19 year olds and open females was dominated with two Golds with a one two from Sophie Waddell and Sarah Beresford
The Mixed Sprint relay team consisting of Maff Richardson, Emily Kelly, Sophie Waddell and Fin Cawthera claimed Gold while Connor Ward, Georgia Slatter,Megan Edlin and Kierron Dinsdale were unfortunate just to be squeezed out to a fourth place finish
Next up was the crowd favourite and the most competitive of all the events the Beach Flags, set up on an upslope through soft sand the boys all just barely missed out on the medals but were responsible for some of the finest photos of the day.

 Except Maff Richardson who due to Tom Merson's swift pop up and even swifter stumble allowed him to cruise to victory and a gold medal with a smile.
The Girls like Maff also had some good performances while others were surprised that they weren't eliminated in the first round.
Hannah Carder and Megan Edlin were very pleased with their results

 Emily Kelly strode out to medal with a show of great strength and physical prowess that was tucked away somewhere within that petite frame of hers.

The medalling queen on the day miss Sophie Waddell added to her tally with Gold in the girls 18-19 beach final

IRB Baby

Saturday, 18 June 2011

May Exam

Courtesy of East Devon Training here are Fin Connor Meg and Hannah getting stuck in.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Blenheim Triathlon 2011

This year Dan

and Flic

travelled up to the event courtesy of Joe and Martin at Swim Safety and provided Safety Cover and if required a helping hand to any of the many thousands that decided to hop into the lake that day.