Friday, 23 August 2013

Exmouth Voluntary Guard teach the St Johns Ambulance cadets of Bristol

This week specially trained lifeguard coaches Ashley Jones and David Tidball trained over 50 children in Lifeguard skills as part of their summer holiday outdoor activities camp. Exmouth Beach Rescue Club has over the past few years pioneered the Junior Lifeguard course created by Surf Life Saving Great Britain (SLSGB).

 “Last year we were approached by the St Johns Ambulance Trust to teach their inner city kids. That try out of 20 kids proved so successful over 50 children booked a course this year” said Ashley Jones. “We were surprised so many children, who spend so little time in salt-water, wanted to immerse themselves in lifeguarding. they responded well and enjoyed themselves making their week at the beach a milestone event in their young lives.”

Over 3 days the EBRC volunteers taught, beach safety, environmental awareness, beach exercise and first aid to the St Johns cadets. In the afternoon the children were encouraged to explore the sea, through wading, swimming and board skills.

David “Tids” Tidball pointed out “The skills set they acquired were no where as physical as the skill set we developed for the Exeter Chiefs , but our training and assessment ability helps us establish safe boundries for all levels of ability to explore and develop their potential as individuals and within a team”

Tids extensive contacts as the owner operator of The Tad Shop enabled him to secure the use of “The Monster” a 5 metre inflatable paddling platform which gave all the kids of endless fun!